Station Clock

Station Clock When I was a child I went to the train station with my family. The train station was very impressive, but my attention was full on the station clocks. The second hand turned round and then stopped at the top, to wait until the minute hand moved. How did this work, why did this work this way?

Years later someone explained this to me. The clocks are only getting a signal when the minute hand has to move. The second hand makes a full turn in 58 seconds, and waits on the minute signal to start a new round. This way all second hands are presenting the same time.

A few years ago I bought a Mondaine Swiss Railways Stop2Go Watch. And still I was very impressed.

In 2017 I decided to make my own station clock in HTML5.
The results can be found here: Station Clock

All information needed to make the clock was found on these links:

  1. HTML5/Javascript information w3schools
  2. All kind of specific issues StackOverflow
  3. Clock example Canvas clock
  4. Railway info Station Clock
  5. Mondaine Stop2Go Watch Mondaine Watch
  6. SBB Stop2Go Clock Swiss Railways Clock
  7. Sound Soundjay (Used sound: train-crossing-bell-train-crossing-fast-01.mp3)