Text Clocks

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The English version.

English Clock

The Dutch version.

Dutch Clock


Small video of Text Clock when the time reaches the full hour.



How is the Text Clock made?



The first idea to make a clock that shows the time in text was in 1986. A graphical LCD screen had to display the time on 4 lines. The first line with "It's now two", second line "hours", third line "forty one" and last line "minutes" for the time 2:41.
It remained with a full design.

Schema Design
Data French Data

In 2011 I bought my first Arduino and 8x8 led display. First I built first a digital clock

LEDS 8x8

and later an analog clock.

LEDS 7x7

The logical follow up was to make a 7x7 clock with WS2812B based RGB LEDs.

LEDS 7x7

The next step, in 2015, was to make a Text Clock with LEDs lighting up letters.

Text Clock 13x13